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Lebron Pigmes

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In Morcilla wars we have multiple ways to earn money using your NFTs and to take your team to the top!

We recommend you to visit our whitepaper, whitepaper. where you will find all kinds of information about the game modes and exclusive functionalities of our NFT pigs

Hey you! Morcilla war

has an


oracle pig
This Oracle assures you always the same earnings regardless of the price of the token. Isn’t that awesome? We believe so!
oracle pig




Send a 4 pig squad to investigate the most dangerous places of Morcilla Land. You will find there, hard to kill enemies that will drop amazing rewards if you manage to defeat them.


Do you have 2 pigs of the same rarity? Fusion them! Doing it, you will get a superior rarity, making it gain more power points and rewards that both of them had together. This will also free 1 spot in your inventory so you can add more pigs to your squad.


Here you can trade (sell & buy) the NFTs you need to improve your team. This will help you progress in adventure mode and crush other players in PVP mode.


You can challenge the thugs of Morcilla city in a 1v1 match. Show them who owns this city!


If you don't like the fuss of the city and prefer the peace of the farm, you can send your pigs to grow some nice weed. While your pigs are in staking they generate experience and tokens, but less then fighting. If you get bored of staking you can always go back to the fight.


Level up your pigs in order to fight stronger enemies. When you level up a pig, you increase its combat power and you get an extra 10% of rewards for every additional level when fighting.

Earn a lot of money

with your

tokenomiced cards

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Get to know our roadmap
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  • 1
    Phase 1
    Game Concept
    Develope the idea
    Strategic plan
    Establishing the work group
    Buying the web domain
  • 2
    Phase 2
    Opening donations to join whitelist
    Economic system
    Web creation
    Whitepaper creation
    Legal SL company creation
  • 3
    Phase 3
    Whitelist lottery
    Smart Contract creation
    NFTs private sale
    NFTs public sale
  • 4
    Phase 4
    Token presale
    Add liquidity in PancakeSwap
    Launch Token
    CoinMarketCap listing
    CoinGecko listing
    Launch Staking
  • 5
    Phase 5
    Adding Fusions
    Battle Mode
    Adding HP system
    NFTs Second Gen
    Debugging the code
  • 6
    Phase 6
    Adding Gacha
    Adventure Mode
    Adding Power System
    Other languages marketing
    NFTs third gen
    Debugging the code
  • 7
    Phase 7
    PVP Mode
    Matchmaking System
    Balance PVP
    Debugging the code

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